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Top Handyman in Indiantown

I'm based in the Indiantown area, and my handyman services include small repairs, installations, decorating, and more. At Alvarez Handy Man, I am able to take care of all of your property’s needs as I believe that no job is too small. I supply an honest, exclusive service that you can truly be proud of. If you'd like to discuss more, give me a call on +17722636495.

I Work on a Range of Surface

If you're looking for a reliable painter to help get your home looking good as new once again, look no further. I use the highest quality equipment and my quick, professional approach means you can expect a perfect finish every time, in no time at all. I can paint one room, or a whole house – I'm also able to paint woodwork, brickwork, plaster and exteriors – all the an expertly high standard.

Custom Jobs

A damaged, faulty door can be a real nuisance. Without proper installation, your living space or business office may fail to meet safety standards. You may also be after a greater sense of security or just a different, refreshing style altogether. At Alvarez Handy Man, I offer to craft custom windows and doors as part of my other services at an affordable price and will ensure I am there for you from start to finish.

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